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Check the Health of Hard Disk and other USB Portable Drives with Drive Check


Check the Health of Hard Disk and other USB Portable Drives with Drive Check

EASIS Drive Check is a simple powerful tool to check the health of your hard drives or other storage devices attached to your PC like flash drives, USB pen drives, external hard drives and more. Over a period of usage, your drives might contain errors and other issues and this tool provides you with a report on the errors on your hard disk. EASIS Drive Check includes two tests to diagnostic hard drives or media failures in advantage of the disaster and the need of data recovery.

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First you can check out the S.M.A.R.T. values of internal ATA/IDE hard disk drives and interpret their values. EASIS Drive Check shows over 40 values to help you find out whether your hard disk requires changing. The second approach is to test sector read possibilities of the media surfaces because storage devices die often slow, starting with a few sector read errors. With EASIS Drive Check you can check out each sector on the media surface.

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The tests are read only so that none of your data is removed or deleted during the test. EASIS Drive Check will inform the user by sending reports by email or let him create small reports.


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