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Logon Personalization lets you Customize Windows 7 Logon


Logon Personalization lets you Customize Windows 7 Logon

There are many tool for customization of Windows 7 logon screen like Logon Editor, Logon Screen Tweaker, Account Screen Editor etc. Logon Personalization is another freeware tool for Windows which lets you to customize the logon screen and also other features like Windows branding etc. Apart from changing the logon image background, it can also tweak few other settings in the Windows 7 logon.

Logon Personalization

In the main screen, you can set the custom logon screen image or use the default one.

Logon Settings

Under settings, you can set a custom logon message and also change the button style. You can also disable the Windows 7 branding.

Logon Message

Features available for now:

  • Change logon background image with any PNG, JPG, BMP image format
  • Show/Hide Windows branding on logon screen
  • Set a logon custom message
  • Set the logon screen buttons style

The application is completely portable and you can customize the logon screen in few clicks.


Download Logon Personalization

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