IF you are sharing your PC with other users, you might want to disable many features like registry, task manager etc to prevent unauthorized access. Manage It! is a simple freeware app for Windows which lets you to quickly turn off or on Windows features like task manager, registry, command prompt etc. All you need is to run the portable tool and it shows various options, you can uncheck the ones which you want to disable and hit the done button or restart the explorer.

Manage It

Under the advanced settings, you can tweak the Windows settings, but do not change these unless you know what you are tying to change. You can also make Windows not to restart after installing updates. There is also option to change the owner info.

Advanced features

Under the tools, you can quickly schedule a shutdown or reboot of Windows. Overall, Manage It! Is a new, portable, easy way to manage your computer, changes registry, setting timer for shutdown, etc.

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