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How to View Full Text of any RSS Feed

RSS Feeds or Really Simple Syndication is one of the best ways to catch with daily updates, be it technology or local news and almost all blogs and websites offer RSS Feeds. Google reader is one of the most popular web based RSS readers. But some of the websites/blogs offers partial feeds or summary which means you just get a summary of the article and for full article, you need to visit the website. This could be annoying especially if you read lot of feeds on your reader. Full Text RSS Feed Builder is a simple free web app which fetches the full feed of any website or blog even if the site offers only partial feeds.

Full feeds

You just need to enter the actual feed URL of the blog and the service fetches the full feeds. It provides you with a new URL which shows the complete feeds even if the website shows only partial feeds.

Full text feed

You can now replace the original feed URL in your Google reader with the new URL you receive from this service. It fetches the feed fast and there is no ads associated with the service. It is compatible with most of the feed readers and also Kindle.

Full Text Feed Builder is a neat service and extremely useful if you follow a lot of feeds with just summary.

Full Text Feed Builder [Via Arun]

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  1. FYI http://www.fullfeed.net does this as well without any ads.

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