WordPress Plugins to Display FeedBurner, Twitter and Facebook Text Counters

Social media is a powerful way to promote your blog or website, especially Facebook and Twitter. If you get more Twitter followers and Facebook fans, you can increase the publicity of your blog. If you have pretty good number of followers and fans, it is desirable that you show the fan count just like the feed subscriber count. In this post we are covering the top WordPress plugins to display the subscriber counts for Feedburner, Twitter and Facebook on your blog.

1. Subscribers Text Count: This plugin let you create your customized twitter followers, Facebook fans and FeedBurner RSS subscribers counters. It creates widget or let you display these counters as raw text anywhere in your template or post/page content. You get it as a text so you may customize design with your own HTML/CSS. The advantage of this plugin is that it caches the results and hence it wont slow down your blog.


2. Simple Counters: Simple Counters shows the FeedBurner and Twitter count in text on your blog. The plugin does not support Facebook.

show subscriber count

3. Total Social Followers: This plugin draws the count from Feedburner, Twitter, and Facebook to calculate a single total count of all your subscribers across those services. If you do not want to add the count of a particular service you can still remove that.

There are also many more plugins which independently shows the Facebook, Twitter or Feedburner counts.

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