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UploadingIt- File Sharing and Hosting with 20GB Free Space


UploadingIt- File Sharing and Hosting with 20GB Free Space

There are hundreds of free file sharing and hosting sites available. UploadingIt is a nice service which allows user to upload, host and share files online with a neat UI and tons of features. The free service comes with 20B of free space for hosting and 20GB daily bandwidth. Using the online 20GB storage you can use it to upload documents, videos, images, and so much more. The files uploaded can be a maximum of 200 MB in size.


The interface for selecting and uploading files is pretty neat and you can upload files effortlessly. You can select files from your PC or use the URL to upload the files.

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Select Files

There is option to compress the files and download it or save it in the home directory.

Compress Files

You can create multiple folders which can be protected with password. There is also a built in MP3 player and Flash player support.

Create Folder

What makes UploadingIt good is its interface and easy of use. The storage of 20GB and 20GB daily bandwidth also makes it useful for sharing on blogs. All types are supported, .ai to .zip if its under 200 MB you can upload it.


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  2. Jonathan

    August 31, 2011 at 1:18 am

    WARNING: deletes all your files if you do not log in for 30 days. This idiotic policy is not publicized and is not evident on the Uploadingit Web site. Even worse, they do not send you any email reminder to log in. I learned about this policy the hard way, having lost several gigabytes of valuable files.

    Emails for technical support were not answered. Complaints at the Web site were met with an arrogant, uncaring attitude from the administrator. The admin showed no understanding of how users might want to use the service, no concern for proper customer relations, and ignorance of how similar services work. (For example, ADrive does not delete any user files, while Humyo only deletes files if there is no activity in 90 days and the user fails to respond to a reminder email.)

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