When it comes to sharing videos MegaVideo is a popular destination and it comes with large number of videos. But the problem in watching movies on MegaVideo is that there is a 72-minute time limit and once you hit the limit, the video stops and you get the message that you need to wait for some time to watch the rest of the video. Not all videos are less than 72 minutes and this could be annoying for most of the users.

MegaVideo Limit

This error message is really annoying for users watching movies, but with MegaSkipper, a free website which allows you to watch MegaVideo videos without any limit. Even if you go past 72 minutes there isnt any restrictions.

Mega Skipper

Enter the URL of the video and it loads the video in a separate player. You can watch videos without any interuption. There is also an extension for  Google Chrome which allows you to directly open Megavideos with MegaSkipper.

Skip Megavideo limit

We have tested this site by playing a video which was over 90 minutes and it worked successfully.

Download Chrome Extension for MegaSkipper | MegaSkipper