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File Sync with Google Storage


File Sync with Google Storage

Google Storage for developers is Google’s cloud storage offering that competes with Amazon S3 and Rackspace Cloud Files. As the name imply, it is for developers to build applications on top of Google Storage and offer those applications to end users. This tutorial will cover a file sync application that leverages Google’s cloud storage. Since cloud storage is out there on the Internet, your folders and files can be synchronized to a central repository in Google Storage, thus allowing multiple PCs of yours to sync with it so you will have folders synchronized, with the help from Google Storage.

You will need to have a Google Storage for developers account (click this link to get one).

Gladinet Cloud Desktop 3.0 has a cloud sync folder feature that allows you to sync folders over a cloud storage service of your choice.

With the Google Storage account, you can install Gladinet Cloud Desktop and mount your Google Storage account as a virtual directory.

Step 1 – Mount Google Storage for Developer Bucket


You can get the Access Key and Secret from your Google Storage for Developers account (click here to get the access keys).



Now on the next screen, enable the cloud sync folder.


Cloud Sync Folder is a local folder. You can point it to an existing local folder too. After this setup, everything you put into the cloud sync folder will be sent over to Google Storage, version controlled and ready to be sync to other PCs.

Step 2 – Repeat the Same Steps on a Second PC

Now you just need to repeat the same setup step on a second PC, remembering to use the same Google Access Key, Secret and same Bucket name. After that, you will have another cloud sync folder on the second PC, synchronized with the cloud sync folder on the first PC, all over the same bucket and same Google Storage for Developers account.

For more information, please visit for version 3.0 related information.

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