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Merge HTML, CSS or Text Files with Net.FilesJoiner


Merge HTML, CSS or Text Files with Net.FilesJoiner

Net.FilesJoiner is a handy freeware application which allows users to join html, CSS or txt or XML files. The application is portable and can easily do the job of merging files. For Html files, it can be merged with or without Styles (CSS) or images. The interface is very simple, just select the type of file you want to merge (HTML, CSS, txt or XML) and then select the files using the browse button. Once selected, you can easily sort files in the order you want it to appear.

Merge HTML Files

Right mouse Click to open the menu for opening or saving files for specified formation, selecting all items, deleting selected items from the List and options.

Join options

In the options we can define a text line as separator between the merged files or header / footer Tags for html files.

The application is compatible with Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7.

Download  Net.FilesJoiner

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