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Complete List of Microsoft Codenames


Complete List of Microsoft Codenames

Every company has a particular code name associated with a product before its public release. These codename are internally used by companies to refer products before its release. Microsoft has also used codename for all of its products till the product has been actually released to public. Here is a complete list of codename employed by Microsoft for its products.


NewdosMS-DOS 4.1
LifeboatImproved version of DOS 4.0, never finished
JetskiImproved version of DOS 4.0, became MS-DOS 5
AstroMS-DOS 6.0
ElroyMS-DOS 6.1
ElroyMS-DOS 6.2
BambiMS-DOS 6.22 SmartDrive
Evanston, Chico, FelixMS-DOS 7.0
Captian , SlickEarly efforts to combine DOS and Windows, became “Jastro”
Jastro“Non-Upgrade combined DOS/Windows setup” (Setup installs MS-DOS first and then Windows 3.1)
JanusWindows 3.1
Kato, SpartaWindows for Workgroups 3.1
SnowballWindows for Workgroups 3.11
Gryphon, HaikuModular Windows
AVIVideo for Windows
WinballNetworking for Windows
FoghornWindows Sound System
JumboWindows Printing
Windows 4.0Very early codename for Windows 95 (around 1990)
JaguarChicago kernel
Cougar32bit protected mode kernel which runs on top of Jaguar
ChicagoWindows 95
ClevelandPlanned successor of Chicago, became Nashville
NashvilleWindows 96, “Merge Internet and Desktop together” Project, Active Desktop
FrostingPlus! for Windows 95
DetroitWindows 95 OSR 2.1
ChiCairoEarly codename for Windows 98, when “Memphis NT” was still planned as a successor of Cairo
LondonOLE-2 Based Shell and environment on top of Chicago (became Memphis later)
MemphisWindows 98
DollyWindows 98 OEM/Corporate image cloning utility
MillenniumWindows Millennium Edition
TigerMicrosoft NetShow
NTOSWindows NT Kernel, “David Cutler’s NT”
NT OS/2Windows NT 3.1
NT 1.0Preliminary name for Windows NT 3.1
DaytonaWindows NT 3.5
ClevelandPlanned successor of Daytona
NewshellShell Update Release for Windows NT 3.51
CairoPlanned successor of Daytona, Windows NT 4.0
ImpalaWindows NT 4.0 Embedded
HydraWindows Terminal Server
WolfpackMicrosoft Cluster Server
CatapultMicrosoft Proxy Server
SamMicrosoft BackOffice Small Business Server 4.0
HortonMicrosoft BackOffice Small Business Server 4.5
Memphis NTVery early codename for Windows 2000 (around 1995/96)
NT 5.0Windows 2000
JanusWindows 2000 64-bit
AsteroidWindows 2000 Service Pack 1
W2KSRPWindows 2000 Service Pack 4 Update Rollup
NeptunePlanned Windows 2000 successor (minor update, NT 5.50), merged into Whistler
TritonPlanned Neptune Service Pack 1
OdysseyPlanned Neptune successor (major update, NT 6.0)
WhistlerWindows XP
SundownWindows XP 64-bit
Anvil, x64 ClientWindows XP Professional x64 Edition
TrainyardWindows XP Service Pack 1
SpringboardWindows XP Service Pack 2
MantisWindows XP Embedded
ChinookWindows Embedded for Point of Service
Mönch, EigerWindows Fundamentals for Legacy PCs
CreeksideWindows XP Starter Edition
Mira/Lone StarWindows XP Tablet PC Edition
VexWindows XP Tablet PC Edition 2005
eHomeWindows XP Media Center Edition
FreestyleWindows XP Media Center Edition 2003
HarmonyWindows XP Media Center Edition 2004
SymphonyWindows XP Media Center Edition 2005
EmeraldWindows XP Media Center Edition 2005 Update Rollup 2
LimePlus! Digital Media Edition
Whistler ServerEarly codename for Windows Server 2003
.NET ServerWindows Server 2003
HammerWindows.NET Server x86-64
Blade ServerWindows Server 2003 Web Edition
R2Windows Server 2003 R2
BobcatWindows Small Business Server 2003
CougarWindows Small Business Server 2003 R2
EvergreenWindows Small Business Server 2003 R2 Service Pack 2
ThunderclapWindows Storage Server 2003
StormWindows Storage Server 2003 R2
PlatoWindows Compute Cluster Server 2003
Q, QuattroWindows Home Server
Update Release 1 (UR1)Windows Home Server Power Pack 1 (PP1)
SnoqualmieWindows Home Server Power Pack 2 (PP2)
Whistler+1Early codename for Longhorn
Longhorn/Omega 13Windows Vista
ExcaliburPlanned Longhorn Media Center
DiamondWindows Vista Media Center
FijiWindows Vista Media Center 2008
QuebecWindows Embedded Standard 2009
Longhorn ServerWindows Server 2008
CougarWindows Small Business Server 2008
CentroWindows Essential Business Server 2008
ViridianWindows Hyper-V Server 2008
SocratesWindows HPC Server 2008
LimaWindows Server 2008 Foundation
MagniWindows Storage Server 2008
Blackcomb, ViennaEarly codename for Windows 7
7Windows 7
QuebecWindows Embedded Standard 7 (formerly Windows Embedded Standard 2011)
Server 7Windows Server 2008 R2
Hyper-V R2Windows Hyper-V Server 2008 R2
Solution Server (?)Windows MultiPoint Server 2010
WMS 2Windows MultiPoint Server 2011
WHS VailWindows Home Server 2011
SBS AuroraWindows Small Business Server 2011 Essentials
SBS 7Windows Small Business Server 2011 Standard
BreckenridgeWindows Storage Server 2008 R2 Essentials
ColoradoVail/Aurora SDK/toolkit
8Upcoming Windows version
Server 8Upcoming Windows Server version
Red Dog, StrataWindows Azure
Windows CE, Windows Mobile
PegasusWindows CE 1.0
Pegasus ManagerH/PC Explorer
AlderWindows CE 2.0
AxeWindows CE 2.0 Embedded Toolkit
MercuryWindows CE 2.0, “Handheld PC 2.0?
GryphonWindows CE 2.01, “Palm PC 1.0?
ApolloWindows CE 2.01, “Auto PC 1.0?
Alder Enhancement Pack (EP)Windows CE 2.10
Axe EPWindows CE 2.10 Embedded Toolkit
BirchWindows CE 2.11
BuzzsawWindows CE 2.11 Platform Builder
JupiterWindows CE 2.11, “Handheld PC Professional (3.0)”
OrionWindows CE 2.11, “Palm-Sized PC 1.1?
WyvernWindows CE 2.11, “Palm-Sized PC 1.2?
HermesWindows CE 2.11 for Webphones
Birch SP2Windows CE 2.12
GoldeneyeWindows CE 2.12, “Auto PC 2.0?
CedarWindows CE 3.0
ChainsawWindows CE 3.0 Platform Builder
RapierWindows Pocket PC 2000
GalileoWindows Handheld PC 2000
MerlinWindows Pocket PC 2002
StingerWindows Smartphone 2002
TaliskerWindows CE 4.0
JamesonWindows CE 4.1
McKendricWindows CE 4.2
OzoneWindows Mobile 2003
Ozone updateWindows Mobile 2003 Second Edition
MacallanWindows CE 5.0
TomatinWindows CE 5.0 Networked Media Device (NMD) Feature Pack
MagnetoWindows Mobile 5.0
CrossbowWindows Mobile 6.0
Cardhu, YamazakiWindows Embedded CE 6.0
CashmereWindows Embedded CE 6.0 R3
PhotonWindows Mobile 7 (cancelled)
ChelanWindows Embedded Compact 7
Windows Phone 7 SeriesWindows Phone 7
MetroWindows Phone 7 UI
Mangonext Windows Phone version, possibly Windows Phone 7.5 (scheduled for August/September 2011)
Apollonext major Windows Phone version, possibly Windows Phone 8 (scheduled for 2012)
Internet Explorer
O’HareInternet Explorer 1
OxygenInternet Explorer 3
TridentMSHTML (layout engine for Internet Explorer 4.0+)
NashvilleInternet Explorer 4
Haley, MarsInternet Explorer 5.5
RinconInternet Explorer 7
Teahapoo, IE.NextInternet Explorer 8
Media Player
Quartz, ActiveMovieDirectShow
ActiveMovie PlayerWindows Media Player
HelixWindows Media Player 8
CoronaWindows Media Player 9
CrescentWindows Media Player 10
PolarisWindows Media Player 11 for Windows XP
AuroraWindows Media Player 11 for Windows Vista
KestralWindows Media Player for Pocket PC
PyranhaWindows Media Player for Smartphone 2002
ChangelingWindows Media Player for Mac OS X
ArtemisWindows Media Format SDK
ZeusWindows Media Format 9 SDK
PegasusWindows Media Video 9 Advanced Profile Encoder
HerculesWindows Media Server .NET
Office 9Office 2000
Office 10Office XP
Next Generation Office (NGO), Office .NET, Office 11Office 2003
AvignonOffice Visio 2003
ViennaOffice Live Communications Server 2005
Live ServerOffice Communications Server 2007
Office 12Office 2007
Office 14Office 2010
Office 15Upcoming Office version
Visual Studio
RainierVisual Studio .NET (2002)
EverettVisual Studio 2003
VenusVisual Web Developer Express Edition
WhidbeyVisual Studio 2005
OrcasVisual Studio 2008
Burton, RosarioVisual Studio 2008 Team System
Hawaii, Dev10Visual Studio 2010

Thanks to WindowsWiki for this list.

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