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BExplorer is a Replacement for Windows 7 Explorer

BExplorer or Better Explorer is a freeware application which is an alternative or a replacement for Windows 7 Explorer. BExplorer provides better features which are not available in default Windows 7 explorer. It comes with more features for more convenient work including Tabbed navigation and additional toolbars. Although it is designed for Windows 7, it should work with Vista as well.

Better Explorer

The main features of this tool are;

  • Adding tab functionality together with use of standard explorer browser control
  • Adding additional toolbars with more features
  • Changing Library icons
  • File operation with files and folders
  • Synchronized command prompt
  • Change of folder icons
  • Extended Jump list support (Windows 7)
  • Double panel explorer
  • Extended search like extended search pane in Vista (Windows 7)
  • Glassy view

The project is in alpha and many features are yet to be developed.

Download BExplorer

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