When you are providing Excel 2010 sheet with data, it would be better if you have a suitable background, especially the company logo if you are creating the sheets for official purpose. Excel 2010 allows you to select any image as background and apply it to Excel sheets. The picture used as a sheet background for display purposes only. A sheet background is not printed, and it is not retained in an individual worksheet or in an item that you save as a Web page.


To add an image as background, open Excel 2010 and select the Page Layout tab. Under the Page set up group, click on the Background button.


You can also turn off gridlines view to make the image much more visible. Now select the background which you want to apply.

Select Image

Once you select the image, you can now see the image as a background in Excel. The image would be repeated on the excel sheet in both horizontal and vertical directions.

Excel with background

If you want to remove the background, click the same button, which now shows as Delete Background.