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Shutdown Timer Provides Advanced Options for PC Shutdown


Shutdown Timer Provides Advanced Options for PC Shutdown

When it comes to scheduling shutdown of Windows, there are many free application available for download. Shutdown Timer is another freeware application for scheduling the shutdown of Windows, but unlike other application, this one provides better options for shutdown together with a neat and easy to use UI. It is a handy utility that can help you schedule when your computer should Shutdown, Restart, Logoff, Lock, Hibernate or Standby in various ways and hassle free.

Shutdown timer

Shutdown can be based on time and date or CPU usage or memory usage and also network traffic.

Shutdown timer_1

You can also set to shutdown based on CPU temperature, but this needs an monitoring tool for temperature.

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Shutdown timer_3

You can also shutdown if the memory usage is above a threshold limit set.

Network Monitor

Finally you have the network traffic monitor for shutdown. Shutdown Timer allows you to schedule a task by network traffic which could turn out to be really useful when you are downloading big files and want to shutdown your computer once the task completes.

You can select the task to be performed (shutdown, logoff, restart, lock, hibernate etc) using the drop down available on the top right corner. What makes shutdown timer one of the best app for scheduling shutdown is its interface and features.

Download Shutdown Timer (Available in both 32 bit and 64 bit versions)

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1 Comment

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