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Web Based Word Processing and Sharing with Sync

Sync.in is a web based word processor for users to collaborate in real-time. If many people are editing the same document, then it is difficult to track the changes. With Sync.in, you can create documents online and share with other people for editing. Sync.in is a new and productive way to collaborate and conference on text documents, useful for meeting notes, brainstorming, project planning, drafting sessions, training etc.


You can create a public note with the free account and share and collaborate with others.

Share the note

You can also export the note into HTML or text format. The text editor only features basic editing like text formatting. The shared note is synchronized when you type. Everything that anyone types is continuously being saved and everyone has different coloring for whatever they type. You can even come back later and use the Time Slider view to see how it progressed.

Sync.in is a useful tool especially when you want to share with people and also get additions at the same time.


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  1. Thanks for sharing about a new product. I do have a question, though, how this could be superior to using Google Docs or Zoho Office, since they both have collaborative features. While the Sync.in free account is a “no muss no fuss” way of sharing, the documents are all public, which may not be good for people work on things like reports or even something like a product review. The pro feature removes that problem, but then users are left with paying a monthly fee. I do feel, however, that Sync.in would be good for collaborating on things that do not require security.

  2. Hey thanks for the cool tool tip! I love their desktop client (especially cuz it runs on my mac 🙂 though you dont strictly require it, it does help me replace my desktop note taking tool. I am trying out the Pro version with my team, will buy if it works, as their pricing is quite affordable.

    Thanks again! and keep recommending great apps!

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