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Search my Files is an Advanced Duplicate File Searcher Tool


Search my Files is an Advanced Duplicate File Searcher Tool

Search My Files (SMF) is a multi functional file management tool which is a file searcher, file copier/mover, file deleter/eraser, duplicate file finder, and duplicate previewer. It has excessive search filter capabilities and a SQLite driven result reporting tool, with which you can sub-filter the result set according to your needs. It features lots of options to search for files like based on date, size, keywords, EXIF information and many more parameters. SMF is a file and file duplicate (md5,crc32 or sha1 driven) search tool.


You can also set pre filters for the search using the tool.


Features of SMF;

  • Search files by location
  • Search files and / or folders
  • Poll Filenames and Locations in Long and Short (8.3) format
  • Poll File Extensions
  • Poll File Times (modified, created, accessed)
  • Poll Fileszize
  • Poll File Attributes
  • Poll File Extended Attributes
  • Filter by Extensions
  • Filter by Attribute
  • Filter by Filesize
  • Filter by Filetime
  • Extract true file-type (using TrIDLib.dll)
  • Extract any info from Mediafiles (using MediaInfo.dll)
  • Calculate various hashes (md5, crc32, sha1)
  • Extract and analyze ADS Alternative File Streams from any file
  • Results can be saved and loaded,
  • Extensive SQLite driven Reporting Tool
  • Allows free querying
  • Any selection of files can be copy or moved, deleted or erased
  • md5 driven duplicate file detection is implemented
  • Amplified md5 calculation to gain superior detection speed
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  1. ha14

    March 31, 2010 at 6:44 pm

    Does it tell which one is safe to delete, because windows accumulates doubles and triples, backups…

  2. vl

    March 21, 2011 at 2:42 pm

    I use EF Duplicate Files Manager Portable to search for duplicate files. It is an easy to use fast solution which utilizes some basic filters to detect twin files.

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