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TwitterDrive makes Twitter a Storage Drive


TwitterDrive makes Twitter a Storage Drive

Twitter is fast growing as one of the best micro blogging services. There are lots of applications being developed on Twitter API and we have got one interesting one today- Twitter Drive. TwitterDrive application was developed to use your Twitter account as a temporary storage drive and it provides a very simple UI for uploading, downloading and deleting files.

Twitter Drive

Files are compressed, base64 encoded, and then uploaded to Twitter 140 bytes at a time, fully maximizing the amount of space allowed per tweet. The limitation is that only uploading 14 thousand bytes per hour. Make sure you create a new account while using TwitterDrive as Twitter might just ban your account.


  1. Create a New Twitter account (i.e. don’t use your regular everyday account)
  2. Start TwitterDrive
  3. Enter your credentials in the boxes provided and click Refresh
  4. Upload and download files

You can also just enter a username in the box and click Refresh to have read-only access to the account and download files.

Download TwitterDrive

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