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Transfer Books from your PC to the Amazon Kindle


Transfer Books from your PC to the Amazon Kindle

Amazon Kindle is a convenient, portable reading device with the ability to wirelessly download books, blogs, magazines, and newspapers. So in case you own a Kindle, then Kindle Sync should be a good tool as it will help you transfer books from your PC to the Amazon Kindle. This program only detects and transfers PRC files. The application will also maintain the same directory structure on your Kindle.


All you need is to just put all your books (*.prc files) inside directories in your PC. You can have multiple directories and then once connected, start KindleSync and point to the root of your directory structure.

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KindleSync will recognize all your PRC books. You can then send them to your Kindle. KindleSync will create exactly the same directory structure in your Kindle.

KindleSync is definitely an useful tool for all Amazon Kindle users.

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