Macros automate frequently-used tasks in Office 2010 and they are created with Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) and are written by software developers. But Macros also pose potential security risk and because of this macros are disabled by default. But you can enable them from the application you are using and want to use macros. Macro security settings are located in the Trust Center and you can enable using the steps below.


1. Click the File tab and click Options.

File Options

2. This will open the Options dialog box, click Trust Center, then click Trust Center Settings.

Trust center settings

3. In the Trust Center, click Macro Settings.

Enable Macros

Make the selections you want. Click OK.

Based on the selection you chose, Macros will be enabled. One important thing to note here is that macros will be enabled only for the application you enable it and not for Office 2010 as a whole. For example if you enable macros in Word 2010, then it wont be enabled for all other Office 2010 application, it needs to be enable for each application.