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Nero MD5 Verifier Checks File Checksums


Nero MD5 Verifier Checks File Checksums

We have previously covered freeware to check the File Checksums to verify whether the file has been modified or not after it was released. With lots of versions of different applications and the threat of malwares, its  really useful to have a tool to verify the file. With the generated fingerprint by MD5 programs (md5sum) you can easily control if a downloaded file is unchanged and complete. Nero MD5 Verifiers is a tool created by Nero which calculates the current checksum of any file which is selected.

Nero MD5 Verifier

To verify any file, copy and paste the checksum provided by the publisher of the file and in the second step, select the actual file from your PC. The tool will calculate the file checksum and display it enabling you to verify if they match.

The Nero MD5 Verifier will create and show the MD5 hash check sum. If both sums are identical the download was successful. If there is a difference between the two sums, either the download was not successful or the file is corrupted. If that is the case, download the file again.

This tool is portable and there is no installation needed.

Download Nero MD5 Verifier

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1 Comment

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