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GIGATweaker is a Useful Tweaker for Windows 7

If you are looking to tweak Windows 7 settings, then GIGATweaker is a the perfect solution. GIGATweaker is a powerful and compact application that allows you to optimize and tweak your OS. It can be rated as one of the best tool that combine the highest comfort, compactness and power. The UI is good and the tweaking settings are very well grouped into different categories for easy navigation. All changes made by GIGATweaker in the system, transparent through informative console.




Apart from tweaking, you can also quickly access Windows inbuilt utilities from this application. It also features a start up manager and also an uninstall manager. You can enable automatic logon by setting the password in this tool.

GIGATweaker as the name indicates is a powerful and very useful tweaking tool for Windows.

Download GIGATweaker

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  1. FYI this only works on the 32bit version of windows 7.
    Just tried to install this on pro 64bit and got this error.

    This program can only be installed on windows designed for the following … x86

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