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Recover Hidden Files from USB devices with USB Show

There are many occasions when files inside USB drives are hidden and this could be due to some viruses which might be hiding the files or it could be hidden manually by someone using it. USB Show is a small tool that will help you to see the files, which were hidden by a virus or person. This simple tool will display the files after you select the USB drive. It is recommended that you take a back up of all the files available in the USB drive before recovering hidden files.


This toll does not require any installation and once you run the exe file, select the language. Click on the recover hidden files button and select the drive from which you want to recover hidden data.


USB Show recovers all hidden files, possibly some malware or some viruses which is causing the issue. So it it better that you use this tool with an anti virus so that in case any files are recovered, anti virus will make sure that the file is safe for use.

USB Show can be used on hard disks or removable disks for recovering hidden files. The tool is very simple to use

Download USB Show

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  1. Use this no install software.

    A Heal for Pendrive affected with virus which hides your files n folder n creates shortcuts.


    No installation required. Standalone..!

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