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How to Schedule a Program to Run at Specified time in Windows 7

Windows 7

How to Schedule a Program to Run at Specified time in Windows 7

Windows 7 has a task scheduler like the one in Vista where you can schedule any program to run at a specified time. The task scheduler in Windows 7 has lots of options such that you can configure each and every setting available for scheduling. With task scheduler you can set it to run any program or task at any specified time using the specified set of conditions. To start task scheduler, type “task” in Start menu and enter. This will open up the Windows 7 task scheduler. On the right hand panel of the task scheduler, click on either “Create basic task” or “Create task” link.

Task Scheduler_1

In the Create Task Window, you can specify the task name, description and other details. If you feel that the task needs elevated privileges, then run the task as administrator or with elevated privileges.

Task Scheduler_2

Next, click on the Triggers tab and select the date, time and frequency of the task. You can also set an expiration time for the task.

Task Scheduler_3

In the next step, click the actions tab and click on the new button available below. This will open up the action to be performed for the task.

Task Scheduler_4

In the new action window, select Start a program from the drop down list and browse for the exe file of the program where it is installed.

Task Scheduler_5

Next step is to specify any conditions for the task, like start the task only if computer is connected to AC power etc.

Task Scheduler_6

Once you are done, click OK and your task is ready and it will run at the specified time and date. If you want to disable or delete a running task, double click the task and select Disable or Delete on the right hand panel.

Task Scheduler_7

The same features and settings also applies to Windows Vista and you can schedule a task in Vista as well.

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    August 24, 2009 at 3:27 pm

    Scheduled antivirus scan, worked awesome!

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