Each version of Windows OS released by Microsoft has a particular version number and these version numbers are important for application developers while building application with compatibility. The OS version numbers actually contains different sections which are mentioned in OSVERSIONINFO structure in windows. OSVERSIONINFO contains three parts namely Major Version (dwMajorVersion), Minor Version (dwMinorVersion) and Build # (dwBuildNumber).


Here is the list of all Windows OS from Microsoft and their version numbers.

Operating SystemVersion NumberOther Information
Windows 1.01.04
Windows 2.02.11
Windows 3.03
Windows NT
Windows for Workgroups 3.113.11
Windows NT Workstation
Windows NT Workstation 3.513.51.1057
Windows 954.0.950
Windows NT Workstation
Windows 984.1.1998
Windows 98 Second Edition4.1.2222
Windows Me4.90.3000
Windows 2000 Professional5.0.2195
Windows XP5.1.2600Current SP3
Windows XP Professional x64 Edition5.2.3790
Windows Vista6.0.6000Current Version changed to 6.0.6002 with SP2
Windows 76.1.7600RTM

Version numbers are very important while developing application and wrong version number can cause compatibility issues. More information on Version Checking here.

Thanks to MSIGeek for this Information.