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Optimize and Tweak Windows 7 with 7Tweak


Optimize and Tweak Windows 7 with 7Tweak

We have already seen quite a few tweaking application for Windows 7 like XDN Tweaker, Winbubble, Little tweaker and EnhanceMySeven. 7Tweak is a new freeware tool which comes with a bunch of features and tools designed especially to tweak, optimize and customize your Windows 7. It can analyze your computer hardware, operating system and programs and also supports 64 bit architecture. The tweaks and customization options are well arranged into different sections.


The tweaks are arranged into daily tools, tools, system, optimizations, customizations etc. Although the interface has a dark background, tools and tweaks are well arranged into different categories. It also shows different warnings which are critical to the functioning of your PC.


You can also do optimizations to memory and cache and also change the start up settings. It also features tweaks for Outlook, Windows Mail and also control panel.

Features of 7Tweak;

  • Intelligent Disk Cleaner and Safe Defragmentation tool.
  • Smart hard drives monitoring capability.
  • Registry Backup/Restore, Intelligent RegCleaner and Registry Safe Defragmenter.
  • Security Tweaks: Firewall, IE, Windows Update and many other.
  • Optimization tools: Autorun Manager, StartUp Manager, Cache and Visual Effects tweaks
  • Outlook/Windows Mail Tweaks
  • Start Menu Tweaks
  • Media Player Tweaks
  • Control Panel Tweaks
  • Internet Explorer tweaks

Overall 7Tweak is a very useful and easy to use tweaking utility for Windows 7.

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