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Automatically Tweet Using AutoTweeter


Automatically Tweet Using AutoTweeter

AutoTweeter is a desktop application for Windows which can send out tweets to your twitter account automatically. This application will sent out tweet from a configuration file at specified interval of time. The use of this application is to tweet services like quote of the day or news of the day, jokes etc from a configuration file. You can create separate configuration file for each category and select from which file the application needs to take the tweets. The application does not require any installation and once its started, it runs from system tray.

Auto tweeter

You can right click on the icon and set the configurations and also start and stop the service.


Tweetfiles are located in “autotweeterservices” folder. You can put your tweets line by line and each line is considered as a tweet. A single line will be taken and tweeted at a time and the important thing to note is that characters should not exceed 140 character limit of twitter.

Auto Twitter settings

You can create different tweet files for each category and enter the name of the tweet file you want to twitter in the configuration. You can set the interval of tweet. Once you have configured, you can right click on the tray icon and select “Start Tweeting”.

Download AutoTweeter

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  2. AutoTweet

    November 5, 2009 at 1:53 am

    Sounds like a nice uncomplicated way to auto tweet. I see that with the demo version you can automatically do ten tweets. It works great enough to even consider the full version for $20

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