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Convert JPEG Images to PowerPoint with Img2PPT

If you ever wanted to create a PowerPoint presentation out of your images, then Img2PPT is a simple freeware to do this job. Img2PPT is a free application which can create a PowerPoint file from a directory containing JPEG images. The tool’s main dialog provides the user with an option to specify the size and position that the images will take when placed in slides.

Img to PPT

The coordinate positions are specified in points. The position coordinates place the upper left corner of the image relative to the upper left corner of the slide. Increasing coordinates move the image to the right and down. Users can select images from any folder using the button “Select Image Directory”.

There is an assumption here that all the images in the directory have names starting with image and has successive names like image1, image2 to imageN. Each slide in PowerPoint will have one image. The numbering of images should be continuous and starting from 1.

Img2PPT is a simple software if you want to share the images as slide show.

Download Img2PPT

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  1. i want JPF Image covert to PPT

  2. This is really a good tool that can overcome any inconvenience in converting image into PowerPoint. Thanks for sharing!

    I’d like to share anther free PowerPoint to DVD converter software which can help you easily create rich, vivid, dynamic slide presentations and automatically burn presentations to DVD disc in a matter of seconds.

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