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Monitor Real Time Memory and CPU Usage in Windows 7

Windows 7

Monitor Real Time Memory and CPU Usage in Windows 7

We have covered many free application which provides you with the real time usage of memory and CPU in Windows. You can also monitor in real time the usage and performance of CPU, Disks, Memory and Network without having to install any other application in Windows 7. The Resource Monitor tool in Windows 7 will provide you with real time updates. It also gives details on the processes using these resources. To open Resource Monitor, Click on Start Menu-> All Programs-> Accessories-> System Tools-> Resource Monitor.

Resouce Monitor

The resource monitor has 5 tabs, the first one shows the overview and the others include CPU, Memory, Disk and Network monitoring.

Resouce Monitor tabs

With the resource monitor, you can examine how programs you run affect your computer’s performance, both in real time and performance monitor helps you by collecting log data for later analysis.

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