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How to Create and Print Business Cards with Word 2007

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How to Create and Print Business Cards with Word 2007

Business cards are a great way to give a promotion to your company or even your website/blog. There are many sites which offer quality business cards online, both free and paid versions. If you have a good quality printer, you can try creating and printing business cards for free using Microsoft Word 2007. With Word 2007, you can easily create and print your own business cards with lots of templates to chose from. You only need to have an Internet connection to download the free templates.

To create a business card, click on the Office button on the top left corner and select New.


In the new document option, select Business cards from the left hand side option.


Once you selected business cards, Office will connect online and preview the list of business cards available. When you select a card, you can see the details on the right hand side. When you have selected the card, you can click download button and office online will download it to the new document.

Once the download is complete, you can customize the selected card for you website, address, company name etc.


Once you are ready with the business card, you can start printing it. Having a color printer installed will be handy and useful to get the best out of the cards.

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  2. Kyle

    April 30, 2011 at 4:14 am

    I don’t have word 2007 but my big issue is making sure my card looks good. I fix guitars and I’m really good at it. Business cards, not so much. I don’t want my design skills to mess up sales.

    I just recently used a company at Very satisfied!

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