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iHunter- Personal Information Management (PIM) Application


iHunter- Personal Information Management (PIM) Application

iHunter is a free Personal Information Management (PIM) application for Windows. It can synchronize various message sources: emails, BBS, RSS, web sites etc. These synchronizations are provided using plugins and the current beta version has BBS plugin, RSS plugin, email plugin. With iHunter you don’t have to use separate applications for Email client and RSS.


The interface of iHunter is very much similar to Office 2007 with the use of ribbon features. Similar to Office 2007, you can even minimize the ribbon. You can start configuring the Email and RSS from the options menu which support POP3 and IMAP.

Advantages of using iHunter;

  • You don’t need to open lots of message clients (Outlook, RSS reader, BBS term), thus simplifying your operations and saving your CPU and memory.
  • The viewer and editor provided is identical for different kinds of messages (emails, BBS posts, web site posts); while individual message clients usually provide different look and feels and operating styles.
  • Integrated management can help you deliver messages across different kinds of sources, for example, you can forward a BBS post to an email address.
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iHunter is a simple and useful utility to manage your mails and RSS feeds at one place.

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