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RemoveReadOnly Changes the Read Only Status of File Quickly


RemoveReadOnly Changes the Read Only Status of File Quickly

Many times when we want to edit any file and save it, we find that it might be read only. So the next step would be to open the properties window and change the status. Here is a better way to set the “Read-only” status of files. RemoveReadOnly is a small add-on for Windows Explorer that adds an item to the Explorer’s contextual menu to remove the “Read-only” state of any file, group of files, or directories (recursively).

Remove Read Only

With this add-on, you can directly change the read only status of any file by right clicking on the file and selecting “Remove Read Only” option from the context menu. Another good feature of this add-on is that if the file is not in read only status, using the context menu you can set it to read only using the option “Set Read Only”

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Set Read Only

This add-on works on Windows XP and above versions, both on 32 bit and 64 bit machines.

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