Windows 7 seems be becoming hot topic of discussion ever since it was previewed at PDC 2008. There are lots of themes, wallpapers, taskbars etc being created based on Windows 7 for Windows Vista. We had previously covered Windows 7 themes, wallpapers and boot screen for Vista. This post covers resources required to transform your Windows Vista to the look and feel of Windows 7.

1. Windows 7 Theme:

Download Windows 7 Theme

2. Windows 7 Boot Screen:

Download Boot Screen [ Installation]

3. Windows 7 Logon Screen

Img Credit: AskVG

Download Windows 7 Logon

4. Windows 7 Wallpapers

Download Wallpapers

5. Windows 7 Icons on Taskabr:


With these themes, hacks and wallpapers, you Vista would now look more or like Windows 7.