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Transform Vista to Windows 7- Ultimate Resources

Windows 7 seems be becoming hot topic of discussion ever since it was previewed at PDC 2008. There are lots of themes, wallpapers, taskbars etc being created based on Windows 7 for Windows Vista. We had previously covered Windows 7 themes, wallpapers and boot screen for Vista. This post covers resources required to transform your Windows Vista to the look and feel of Windows 7.

1. Windows 7 Theme:

Download Windows 7 Theme

2. Windows 7 Boot Screen:

Download Boot Screen [ Installation]

3. Windows 7 Logon Screen

Img Credit: AskVG

Download Windows 7 Logon

4. Windows 7 Wallpapers

Download Wallpapers

5. Windows 7 Icons on Taskabr:


With these themes, hacks and wallpapers, you Vista would now look more or like Windows 7.

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  1. That’s a wonderful article mate. It’ll help lots of ppl and thanks for mentioning my articles as well. 🙂

  2. Everytime I go to use the theme it doesn’t work. I install it in the themes folder in windows>resources. then i go to apply it in tuneup utilities and it says to amke sure that the file is a valid visual style for your OS (vista)

  3. Overstressed admin

    I believe there is an article in life rocks on how to patch vista to use a third party theme, if not, Google “allow themes vista” and you’ll find what you need.

  4. everything worked except for the logon screen. i get the background but not the Windows 7 Ultimate at the bottom …. mine still says Windows Vista

  5. Is the Windows 7 patch available for Windows xp?

  6. hola me preguntaba si podrian mandarme las instrucciones de como instalarlo a mi correo

  7. cuando voy a instalar el theme me dice que no puede encontrar una ruta especificada

  8. hey nice article man.. very good

  9. To see ‘Windows 7 ultimate’ you need a patched basebrd.dll located in x:\windows\branding\basebrd\
    you have to open that file with ResHacker and replace the 1st 4 bitmaps with the ones u find @

  10. very good.TanQ

  11. It like a very good windows but how to dowload it

  12. reply me as soon as possible please. ?????

  13. If you want windows 7 superbar, you can install winstep to your xp or vista =)

  14. hey, i was thinkin of converting my vista into 7 n need some advice.
    what do u think?

  15. i can’t open the files to change it.
    Damn 7-zip and Winrar!!!!
    help me!!!

  16. will give it a try

  17. I am downloading it 😀 .Thanks in advance if it works

  18. i am downloading windows 7 form here:(http://thepiratebay.org/torrent/4960160/Windows_7_RM_(7260-0-090612-2110)_Ultimate_32_bit_GHOST_MStone) is it good?

    and second how i am going to upgrade it to my vista whith out doing format?
    and third i heard about free keys by microsoft, if is true were can i find it?
    thanks for reading..
    answer me as soon as posible please…

  19. how i change window vista to window 7, is it better than vista and how much time has validity.

  20. no puedo sustituir el archivo “winload.exe.mui” en la carpeta C:\Windows\System32\en-US
    como lo hago??

  21. I think its very good software that ever created by microsoft.

  22. Tengo Window Vista en mi computadora.Como puedo intalar Windows 7 y cual es su valor.

  23. will the transformation permanently delete all my files?

  24. This window is very smart and sexy window

  25. i want chang my windows vista to windows7

  26. Am was actually searching for this and nothing else (For my Sister). Your Windows 7 themes made my sister much happier than ever


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