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Protect USB Drives from Viruses Using Write USB Protector

USB drives are one of the prime reasons for spreading of viruses as we use it in many PCs, so there is chance that it might be infected with Viruses and which in turn effects other PCs as well. The USB Protector is a freeware application which prevents write access to a USB drives. This will protect USB drives from viruses, malwares, spywares etc.

USB Write Protect

USB Writer Protector is a portable program available in different languages and also easy to use. The file is only 190KB in size and supports on Windows XP.

If you use your USB drive on multiple PCs and on PCs available in Internet cafe, then it better to write protect so that it prevents viruses getting into the drives. USB Write Protect is worth trying.

Download USB Write Protect

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  1. thanks nirmal for this really useful utility software

  2. I tried this out with couple of my USB drives, works perfectly 🙂

  3. This is a very useful utility which every one should use as most virus come through USB drives

  4. uhmm does this mean you have to tell your friends to download this software so that the usb drive you’re gonna lend them won’t be infected?

    what if you’re in an internet shop, you still have to download this before plugging your USB?

  5. does not work

    when u change the option it gives an error message!!!

  6. can i ask?
    when i download the software and installed it, the interface doesn’t look like the screenshot, i can’t activate it. someone help please

  7. Nope – does not work – tried everything – still no luck- waste of time

  8. it write-protects your usb so u can’t copy even the required files!!!!!

  9. Thanks for sharing with us .very informative and interesting …keep posting 😀

  10. If you must insert your USB drive, THEN run this software, on EACH computer you plug the USB into, then you could already be infected BEFORE you can run the prog, I didn’t investigate how this program does its thing, but ANY software-based write-protect is bound to fail.

    I have a microSD card, with an SD adapter & a USB SD reader, the SD adapter has a write-protect slide switch…THAT is a REAL hardware-based write-protect…if you want to write-protect your USB, look for the hardware slide switch BEFORE buying one…

  11. This is fine for the computer you install the software one, but it is useless if you intend on plugging a USB drive into any other computer.

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