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Change Monitor Brightness using DimScreen Freeware

Ever wanted to dim your laptop monitor brightness to your desired level to save battery? Here is a freeware application which can dim the brightness of your monitor from 0-90% with an increment of 10%. This is specially useful when your laptop is running on battery. Although power setting allow you to decrease the brightness, there is a limit set by Windows. This freeware sets the limit from 0% (fully bright) to 90% (dim).

dim Screen

This application does not require any installation and it runs from the system tray. Another good feature is that you can set hotkeys for dimming the monitor. It can dim the monitor brightness of desktops as well using hotkeys.


  • Change brightness to desired value
  • Hot Keys for increasing and decreasing brightness
  • Specially useful for laptops running on battery

dim screen settings

Download DimScreen

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  1. I prefer to change my laptop brightness from control panel menu if this software could only do this.

  2. @Nicky,
    This software can reduce the brightness to the extend control panel cannot do. Try it out, does not require any installation.

  3. Useless, only reduce software brightness, the screen lamp works at the same level so it makes your screen dimmer without saving power… totally useless

  4. its good. i like it.
    my laptop monitor is too bright at night even on the lowest setting so this helps my roommate.


  5. My Avira Free antivirus software detects a trojan in it…can you advise?

  6. This is just what I need. Less eye strain for me

  7. Yeah, this just saved my eyes. My Toshiba laptop drivers were broken and stuck on maximum brightness. Really easy to use.

  8. Does anyone of you know a similar program that works for two monitors (but separately — in my case laptop-screen + external monitor)?!

  9. Useless. Dims the screen yet any time you clock the taskbar – it appears as normal. Same goes for MSN messenger notifcations.

  10. Nice tool, but it seems to be fiddling with the Gamma correction, rather than actually dimming the LED/Backlight. This is useful in some cases, but not exactly a power saver.

  11. wooooooooo! i really appreciated this! same as his, my laptop is stucked to max brightness, and it kills my eyes. not now!

    thanks a lot!

  12. yeah its not a power saver at all..
    it doesn’t actually dim the backlight
    it’s a gimmick

  13. I would need such a program for Windows 7, which also dims the screen of GAMES (in fullscreen mode). Any idea?

  14. Thanks, It’s nice software.. 🙂

  15. Hac? Yarrak Day?

    It is absolutely perfect.
    I was suffering in the nights although I decrease the brightness minimum on lcd panel but it was insufficient.
    this software is what exactly I need.
    I’ll donate.

  16. The software does not reduce the actual brightness of the panel, but paints the screen with a light to dark transparent gray color as if the screen brightness has decreased. Though battery is not saved, my purpose is solved. The screen shows less brightness when needed…Thanks a lot.

  17. Many thanks for your wonderful work.

  18. thanks for this DimScreen. thanks a lot!

  19. hey, how can you set this porgram to automatically start when you turn the computer on? Or do you always have to start it from this website?

  20. Use it in combination with the free Flux software. you will love it.

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