LogMeIn is a free application by which you can get easy remote access to your PC from any computer using an Internet connection. With the Internet connection you will be able to use the target PC’s full desktop and control everything on it—applications, network files, email, printing—without the hassle of further downloads or installations.


Feature of LogMeIn Free Version;

  • Access remote PC from any browser
  • Access from a wireless PDA
  • Remote control and desktop viewing
  • Reboot/reconnect (including safe mode)
  • Multiple user access
  • End-to-end 128- 256-bit encryption
  • No firewall, router or proxy configuration needed

With LogMein, you can access your PC from anywhere, be it office or while traveling, you only need an Internet connection.

Remote PC Requirements;

  1. Microsoft Windows Vista, XP or Server 2003
  2. Internet Explorer or Firefox
  3. Internet via cable modem, ISDN, or DSL.
  4. LogMeIn Free application

You can create a free account for accessing remote PC here.

Download LogMeIn