When it comes to Windows Vista, there are lots of UI changes compared to XP. One of the changes is the breadcrumbs in Windows Explorer. With breadcrumbs, you can easily navigate to folders and files. This feature can also be got in Windows XP. QTAddressBar is a small freeware utility which can enable breadcrumbs in Windows XP.


Once you install the software, you will need to log off and log in back for it to work, but sometimes it works even without log off. Now open Windows Explorer and right click on the toolbar area. You can see a new item added to the menu- QT Breadcrumbs Address Bar and check the option to enable it. Now you can see new navigational bar added to the toolbar area and you can disable the old address bar.


Now your default navigational bar is replaced by Vista type breadcrumbs. The advantage of using this software is easy navigation to any folder without having to go through lot of double clicks.

screen shot

Requirements: .Net Framework

Download QTAddressBar