Vista Visual Master is a freeware application that will help you to customize your Windows Vista easily. With this software, you can change the look of the Windows and buttons, change system icons and hundreds of file icons, reconfigure the boot and logon screen, patch and apply your new themes, and you can customize Windows Vista all with one application.


Features of this freeware;

  • Replace about 40 system icons and hundreds of file icons, including “Computer”,”Recycle Bin”
  • Patch your original theme so that you can use other themes to personalize your computer
  • Change logon and boot screens
  • Remove the small arrow on each icon; show Windows version on the computer desktop and hide all desktop items; disable or enable Windows Sidebar; disable changing wallpapers; force to enable DWM effect and create separate processes for desktop and explorer.


Vista Visual Master has a clean and simple interface it brings you an All-in-One set of powerful and neatly classified tools, settings and tweaks.

Download Vista Visual Manager