Record Screen from Browser with Screen Recorder, No Installation

There are many instances when you wanted to record the screen, but then you also had a install an app to record the screen. While there are free screen recorder app available, you need to download them and then install on your PC. But now we have an useful web service, called Screen Recorder. But unlike the regular screen recorders, you do not have to install any thing on your PC. This Screen Recorder runs from the browser and you can record your screen easily. So let’s see how it works.

Screen Recorder

Open your web browser and then type this URL. The service has a simple screen and all you need to do is to click on the select screen button at the center. You also have the option to record audio or mute the audio while recording the screen. This can be selected based on your requirement.


Now you get three options, one is to select your entire screen, second is to select your application window and third is to select your Chrome tab. If you select the Application window, the service shows the list of all applications running, so that you can select one of them.

In case you select Chrome tab, it lists out all the tabs open. Once you have select the app or screen, click on share button. It will start the recording of your screen. Once you are done with recording, you can click the Stop sharing button.

You have option to download the recording or start the new recording by deleting the clip.


Screen Recorder is a simple web tool to record or capture the screen without using any third party apps. All the recordings are processed in browser and nothing is saved to the server. It is a progressive web App (PWA) and runs on Chrome OS, Mac, Windows and Linux. It is supported on modern browsers like Chrome, Edge, Firefox etc.

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