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How to Enable Dark Mode in Facebook New Design

Facebook is now one of the most popular social sites across the globe and millions use it on a daily basis. Facebook also has been updating their design to make it more user friendly and easy to navigate. Now, Facebook is rolling out the new design and already available to many users. In case you have not got it yet, you will get it in the coming days. In the new Facebook design, there is an option for dark mode. Let’s see how to enable dark mode in Facebook.

Enable Dark Mode in Facebook

As you can see from the above image, the new design is minimalistic using the entire screen space available and also they have made it clutter free. Now, one of the important features is that you can now have a dark mode in Facebook. Dark mode has been one of the popular features in smartphones and this reduces the eye strain. So here is how to enable dark mode in Facebook.

Open the new Facebook design (this is available only in the new design) and select the downward facing arrow at the top right corner. Here you will find an option dark mode.


Now select this option to enable dark mode on Facebook. Once you enable, you can see the dark mode in action.

Enable Dark Mode in Facebook

The above picture shows the dark theme in action on Facebook. Please note, the dark theme is available only with the new design or layout on Facebook. If you do not have the new design, you can still get dark mode using the Chrome extension.

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