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Xiaomi Releases MIUI LXIMICD Update to Fix Heating Issue on Mi4i

Xiaomi had announced their first smartphone specifically made for Indian market, the Mi4i, few weeks back. The device is also the first Xiaomi phone to come with Android 5.0 Lollipop out of the box. We have already reviewed the Xiaomi Mi4i and found to be a great value for money device. One of the issues faced by Mi4i users was the heating issue when playing games and also on calls.

The heating issue was a major concern for users and the company has now released a new update, MIUI LXIMICD, which fixes the heating issue. According to Technology Personalized, they tested the phone with gaming after installing the update and the temperature was considerably lower.


According the release notes in the new update, there is indeed a fix for the heating issue.

Optimization – Optimized device temperature controlling parameters. Fix – Poor speaker quality when audio volume was low. Fix – Some earphones types were recognized incorrectly.

So the company seems to have optimized the device temperature with this update and now thermal control algorithms are more optimized for this heating issue. Teh update is available via OTA and you can update the phone by launching the Updater app and check for updates. In case you haven’t got the update yet, you can manually install it by downloading the update here.

Once you have downloaded the file, copy to downloaded_rom folder and select this file from the updater app (Updater > Choose Update Package ).

Update: Xiaomi has suspended this update and now rolled out V6.5.5.0 LXIMICD OTA update which fixes the heating issue on the device.

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