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Automatically Sync Photos and Videos from Android to Google Drive


Automatically Sync Photos and Videos from Android to Google Drive

Google Drive app is available for Android and does the automatic uploading of photos to your account, but sometimes it is cumbersome as the interface of the app isn’t very user friendly. Well, if you are looking for a simpler solution to upload and sync your photos and videos from your Android phone to your Google Drive account, then you can try the free app GDriveSync.

GDriveSync is a very useful and lightweight app which allows you to keep your photos and videos in sync with Google Drive. The app has a user friendly interface which allows users to select which folders on the Phone’s SD card to sync. Users then set which folder in their Drive the folders are to be synced to.

GdriveSync GDriveSync1

You can also choose if you want to allow app to Sync only on with a Wi-fi connection or using the data connection and also choose whether you want automatic sync or manual. The sync intervals range from every ten minutes to 24 hours.

You can use this app to back up your data on the phone to the cloud. Never worry about any lost because it’s only 1-way sync. The app supports only Google Drive.

  • Manual and automatic sync
  • Wifi only option
  • Upload multiple folders supported
  • Simple user interface

If you use Google Drive to backup your data on Android phone, then this app is worth a try.

Download GDriveSync

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