High Resolution Retina Wallpapers for iPad

Back in May 2012, we had covered about 2048px, a website which offers Retina wallpapers for new iPad. The website offers amazing collection of wallpapers for your iPad. 2048Pixels has now updated its website with a new Homescreen FX feature which offers much more than normal wallpapers download. You can now edit the available wallpapers, create your own effects and then use them as wallpapers on your iPad.

The new version comes with an editing tool where you can pixelate images with a few presets and add blur with a handy slider. The website acts like an app on the Safari in iPad.


The new 2048pixels 2.0 with Homescreen FX is available on your iPad and traditional PCs at Now you can not only see the world’s best collection of iPad retina wallpapers, you can personalize them to feel right at home on your new iPad. The quality of wallpapers are really amazing and the site is a must try if you want to have awesome wallpapers on your iPad.


Get awesome wallpapers for your iPad by visiting

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