[How to] Transfer and Read PDF Files in iBooks

iBooks is an e-book application by Apple which was announced for iOS operating system and devices. It is available for iPad, iPhone and iPod. It is basically designed to read ePub files (e-books format), but can also be used to read PDF files. Since PDF is one of the most popular file formats used for sharing documents on web as well as email, you might receive a lot of them or download them from web.

You can easily transfer these PDF files which are online or attachments in email to iBooks where you can read them anytime. Although safari has the built in option to view PDF files, you can easily transfer them to iBooks for better organising. To transfer PDF to iBook, open the PDF file from Safari and you can see a menu available on top of the PDF file when you tap on any page of the file. In this menu you can click the option Open in… and then select iBooks.

Open in

When you receive an email with PDF attachment, if you press and hold the attachment, you get the Open in “iBooks” menu.

PDF in email

Once you have transferred these PDF files to iBooks, you can view them by selecting the collections PDFs.


You can also download these PDF files on your desktop and then sync it with iBooks using iTunes which is more tedious task than the one mentioned.

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