Create an Image Slideshow for your Website with Switch Banner

When you have a blog or a website, there might be certain news or announcements which needs the readers attention and for this you need to highlight these. There are many ways to highlight articles and one of them is to display banners and redirect users to the URL by clicking the banner. But if you have multiple banners to display, then a slider is most preferred one. Switch Banner is a simple web service which allows you to easily create an image slider in seconds.

Banner maker

All you need is the images for the banner, if you have created the images, you can simply upload it to your blog and then use the URL to create the banner. You can create upto 10 image banners using the service.

Most of the features of the banner are customizable. You can specify the URL to redirect the visitors on click on the banner. There is also option to specify the width and height of banner (which is based on the image size). You can also customize the button color and position on the banner. Apart from this, you can also set the time delay for each banner before it automatically slides to next banner.


Switch Banner is a simple service and can be included in any website as it uses style sheets and JavaScript.

Switch Banner

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