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Best of Bing Themes- Australia and China

Ever since the release of Windows 7 back in 2009, Microsoft has been continuously updating the Windows 7 themes gallery with new themes. Best of Bing themes have been very popular since they feature wallpapers which were featured on home page. We have covered various Bing themes on this blog. Two new Bing themes have made it into the themes gallery and they are Best of Bing Australia 3 and Best of Bing China 2.

Best of Bing Australia

Best of Bing Australia theme for Windows 7 features more stunning and unexpected images of Australia from Bing, including lightning cracking in a cloud-filled sky over Kakadu National Park, the first rays of sun pouring through a cloud formation over eastern Sydney, and dawn reflections on a calm fresh water lake in Tasmania.

Download Best of Bing Australia 3

Best of Bing China

Best of Bing 2 theme features images of Chinese marvels big and small and also include mist-covered mountaintops, the snow-covered countryside, the sun rising over rice paddies, and delicately rendered wall ornamentation.

Download Best of Bing China 2

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