Virtually Move Folders in Windows without Breaking Installed Software

If you have installed you apps on Windows on an SSD or a hard drive where space is a constrain, then once the space is used up, you might not be able to use the drive unless you uninstall apps. SymMover is a freeware app for Windows which helps you move a folder from one disk to another, and keep its “location” in Windows Explorer. By this way Window actually thinks the folder is located in the same place as before, even though it’s not.

SymMover achieves this by first moving the folder to its destination, and then creating a symbolic link between the source and destination. This means that software and games will still work after you move them to another disk.


From the main interface you can select the apps and folders to move to new location using the + symbol. The app will populate the complete list of installed app and folders available on your PC. You can select any folder or app irrespective of whether it is an app folder or a system settings folder.

Installed apps

SymMover is designed for moving software and games. You can easily add installed software and games to SymMover’s main window, and move them back and forth between disks.

Features of SymMover;

  • Add a folder from a searchable list of installed programs, or manually browse the disk.
  • See the name, icon, location and status, and changes the destination for the added folders.
  • Select folders to see a real-time display of free disk space on you disks. Gain and loss of disk space is displayed in green or red color.
  • Move the selected folders with one click. SymMover will move the folder, and create a symbolic link.
  • Move the selected folders back to their original location with one click. SymMover will remove the symbolic link, and move the folder back.
  • SymMover will not let you do the move, if it is insufficient free disk space on one or more of the destination disks.

The moving of folders and files are very quick, you can add any number of folders and apps to move from one folder to anther.

Any disk can run out of space, and SymMover saves you from the hassle of uninstalling your software, and reinstalling it on another disk. SymMover is a very useful app in case you run out of space on your hard drive where Windows is installed.

Download SymMover

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