Best Apps to Access SkyDrive from Android Phone

Windows Live SkyDrive (also called Microsoft SkyDrive or SkyDrive) is a free cloud storage service from Microsoft and offers 25GB storage space and 100MB individual file size. It offers tight integration with Office web apps, Office 2010 and also Windows Live Hotmail and is one of the best cloud storage services. If you are an Android user, having account in SkyDrive, then you might probably know that there is no default app from SkyDrive to access files inside the Android phone. But there are third party apps which allows you to access SkyDrive files on your Android.

1. Browser for SkyDrive:

Browser for SkyDrive is  an Android client for SkyDrive. You can now  view, download, and send your files in SkyDrive from your Android phone with Browser for SkyDrive. You can upload or download files from SkyDrive and also create folders. There is also option to send a link to files. The app is available free of cost from Android market.

Browser for SkyDrive

2. Cloud Explorer for SkyDrive:

The app allows you to explore and manage your files in your SkyDrive account. You can easily download and upload your files from and to your SkyDrive account. The app allows you to copy, move, rename files and folders and also create new folders and albums. You can also view SkyDrive documents and folders in the browser and also share them using email or to social networks like Facebook, Twitter etc. Cloud Explorer is a paid app, but comes with lot of features.

Cloud Explorer Cloud Explorer1

3. Portfolio for SkyDrive:

Portfolio is a fast SkyDrive photo gallery and uploader that excels at offline viewing. You can batch upload multiple photos at a time to SkyDrive and also simply share photos or videos from your gallery with Portfolio to upload them to your Windows SkyDrive. The app is maily for oganziing and managing your photos on SkyDrive. Portfolio is again a paid app for Android.

Portfolio Portfolio1

If you do not want a SkyDrive only app, there are many free apps available which supports most of the cloud services including SkyDrive.

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