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Simple Tips to Improve Battery Life on iOS 5

Ever since the release of the much awaited iOS5 from Apple, there has been issues related to the battery backup. Many users of iOS5 on iPad and iPhone felt that battery was draining out even on standby. With many new features added to iOS5 including the iCloud which syncs files to the cloud, battery issue was bound to happen. But there are many ways to improve the battery, by turning off services which you do not use regularly. Here are some simple tips to improve the battery life on iPad and iPhone with iOS 5.

1. Turn off Bluetooth: iPad and iPhone comes with in built Bluetooth and you might have turned it on to transfer some files and forgotten to switch. You can turn off Bluetooth from Settings > General > Bluetooth > “Off”.

Turn off Bluetooth

2. Turn off Location Services: Most of the installed apps use location services, but these are in fact not required as they don’t provide any added features. In such cases you can turn of location services for selected apps. Navigate to Settings > Location Services  and disable location for apps which you don’t want.

Turn off location

3. Disable Notification: This feature is again used by most of the apps and you might want to turn off game related apps showing notifications for newly released games. You can selectively disable notifications for apps.

Notification services

4. Turn off Ping: You can turn off Ping from Settings > General > Restrictions > Enable Restrictions > Ping > OFF.

turn off Ping

5. Disable Time Zone adjustment: You can disable Time Zone Adjustment from Settings > Location Services > System Services > Set Time Zone to “Off”.

Time zone

6. Disable iCloud Sync: iCloud is one new feature of iOS 5 which allows you to keep your files in sync with the cloud storage. You can disable iCloud sync from Settings > General > iCloud > “Off” for any unnecessary services.


7. Disable Diagnostic and Usage Reports: This feature send usage reports to Apple and you can disable it from Settings > General > About > Diagnostic & Usage > “Don’t Send”.

Diagnostic data

Try out these options and it should definitely improve the battery life on your iOS 5.

(With tips from OSX Daily)

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