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Metro Style Windows 8 Theme for Windows 7- Zetro

The Metro UI and the Windows 8 elements have been popular ever since it was demoed. We have already covered the Windows 8 theme for Windows 7 and now we have another nice looking theme based on Metro UI and Windows 8. The theme is available for Windows 7. The theme Zetro, brings in the looks and style of Windows 8 together with Metro.


This is a custom made theme for Windows 7 with Explorer frame and other enhancements, you need to patch the system files and take ownership to install the theme. You can try out tutorial on how to install custom themes on Windows 7.

Download Zetro Theme

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  1. […] Zetro Brings Windows 8’s Metro-Style Interface to Windows 7 – Microsoft’s Metro UI, which graces both Windows 8 and Windows Phone, is pretty snazzy, and if you’re sick of the Aero look, you can bring the Metro UI to Windows 7 with the Zetro theme. […]

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