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Create Tutorials Online with Tildee


Create Tutorials Online with Tildee

Tutorials are the best way to share knowledge on any subject or how to. Tildee is a nice online free service which allows you to quickly create tutorials in few steps. The service lets you add any number of steps to the tutorial and also add your own explanation to the steps. There is also option to add title for the tutorial and you can share it with your friends using email. You will be able to add maps, images and even videos to any step in a tutorial.

Create Tutorials

You can cover any area in Tildee and also search for user created tutorials using the search. The service lets you add a Google Map using the tools. You can also insert an video or image. When inserting videos you can specify the video URL (like YouTube) and then insert into it. You can also upload an image, only one image for a step.

There is option to add any number of steps to your tutorial. You can sign up for the free service although it is not required for viewing or editing your tutorials. When creating the tutorial, you can make it private by specifying not to show it in search.

Once the tutorial is generated, you get an unique URL to share it friends or readers on your blog.

Tildee is a nice free service to quickly create tutorials with a very good interface and features.

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