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History Vault in Windows 8

Development of Windows 8 is going at a good pace and this is clearly indicated in the leaked builds and we have already seen lots of new features and UI in Windows 8. Another new feature which was leaked is the History Vault. This feature UI was revealed by WinRumors and this will allow Windows 8 users to backup files and data automatically using the Shadow Copies function of Windows. History Vault feature will manage all your files through a timeline (as seen on the image below), so users can restore edited or deleted items.


Apparently this feature is similar to the time machine feature in Mac OSX which allows you to restore files edited or deleted previously using a timeline. Shadow copies function is already available in Windows since the release of Vista and with this new UI, users will find it more easier to restore files and folders deleted or edited previously.

These are early details from the leaked build, we will have more information once the beta build will be released by Microsoft.

[Via WinRumors]
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